A Hysterectomy is NOT an Abortion

It’s been two weeks since I was told I was being referred to UC Davis, one of the top hospitals in California. This was after my insurance denied the referral to the oncology gynecologist my gynecologist originally chose to take over my treatment. Today I called her office to check on the status of my referral, only to informed that they refused to authorize UC Davis, but had authorized treatment in Roseville. I was told the referral nurse was still processing everything and would call me back with all the details later.

A couple hours later I got a call from the referral nurse, who apologized for the delay and explained that she’d been on the phone all morning trying to straighten things out. Because the “specialist” my insurance authorized is a doctor who performs abortions for Planned Parenthood. She does not perform surgery or treat endometriosis and was confused why I would be sent to her. So the nurse had to get my insurance on the phone and explain to them their HUGE flub and explain that they needed to authorize me to be sent elsewhere where I can actually be treated. Now the referral’s been booted back to my insurance company and we will have to wait even longer for them to find somewhere to send me.

I am livid. Why on earth would my insurance think that it was OK to send me to a Planned Parenthood clinic in place of one of the nation’s top hospitals (which DOES accept my insurance) for major surgery? Planned Parenthood is great for getting birth control and whatever other few services they offer, but they don’t actually treat gynecological health issues. Our local clinic doesn’t even offer pelvic exams and couldn’t tell me where to go or who to see to schedule a mammogram. Most Planned Parenthood clinics don’t even have actual doctors on staff, just nurse practitioners. I’m already being treated by a board certified OB/GYN, so sending  me to Planned Parenthood? That’s attempting to send me to a lesser clinic for a severe problem that is more complex than my MD is capable of treating.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Whoever is in charge of dictating my healthcare at the insurance company doesn’t even have the intelligence to differentiate between a hysterectomy and endo extraction surgery and a freaking abortion. And way to rub salt in the wound! I just found out last month I can’t have kids and they try to send me to get an abortion? Why the hell is it easier to get an abortion authorized than it is to have surgery to treat my endometriosis? What is wrong with this picture?

So now I have to wait even longer to see a specialist and get my surgery scheduled, and my confidence has been shaken big time. At least when I thought I was getting sent to UC Davis I knew I’d be in good hands. Now I have to wonder if I’ll be going under the knife of someone who even knows what the hell they’re doing. It makes me a lot more hesitant to actually go through with this surgery, even though I know it’s medically necessary.



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