Trying to Look at the Positives

Earlier I was surprised to find out that I was being referred to a specialist in Berkeley, California, which is about 3 hours away from where I live in NorCal. Getting to my appointments — and down there for surgery — will be a challenge, as I don’t own a vehicle and my boyfriend’s car is old and in bad shape and won’t be able to handle the trip.

On the plus side, I looked up the name of the specialist I will be seeing and he has some decent reviews. Some not-so-good ones too, but those seemed to be from patients angry at the suggestion of a hysterectomy to cure their cancer or whatever health issues they were having. I’m not going to judge a doctor based on the review of someone who’s angry at the news that they need a hysterectomy. The rest of the reviews I found were promising.

So, at least it appears that I should be in good hands. Now to figure out a way to get to my appointments!


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