Mother’s Day

Today was a surprisingly good day. My stepdaughter texted me wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day and told me she loves me. We had a nice little chat and I am reminded how lucky I am to have such a sweet girl in my life. She may not be biologically mine, and I may not have the closest relationship with her as she lives in another state, but I love her very much and I am glad I get to be part of her life. Hopefully her dad and I will be able to visit her sometime this summer.

I am coming to terms with the fact that I can’t have biological kids, and slowly am becoming used to this knowledge. Some days I’m even OK with it. Of course, sometimes grief will hit me like a rock over the head, but those days are coming fewer and further between.

I’ve finally got an appointment to meet with the gynecological oncologist, and I’ve got my transportation worked out. I will be meeting with him on May 23, so a little over a week from now. I will know more about what’s what then, and will hopefully have a plan in place for how to treat my endometriosis. Maybe it will mean a complete hysterectomy, maybe it’ll mean an oophorectomy, maybe it won’t. I do know already that my fallopian tubes need to come out and I will have to have surgery to unstick everything and remove the endo implants. While I’m dreading another surgery, I am looking forward to getting it over and done with and hopefully putting this chapter of my life behind me.


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